Not your mother's horoscope reader - adult topics as seen through the eyes of astrology.


I was fascinated by many things "adult" as a child.  I started studying astrology at the age of eight.  At the same time, I was also fascinated with women like Mae West growing up.  When I got older, I started studying the charts through a brothel, escort service, and phone sex company - trying to find out if you could predict certain sexual preferences, or even fetishes using astrology.  I found out you could!  While I'm polishing off a book as we speak on 30 years of research into people's sexuality, I'm still gathering data and also launching a weekly internet show where we can talk about "all things adult".  Not for the faint hearted or easily offended.  I'm not here to fight - but like good sex - to explore!

                                                 Loren Williams, Your Astrological Guide

* PS - sometimes people get very upset at what you can see in their chart.  The last thing I want is someone following me home from the supermarket, so I try to not show my real face too often in order to protect myself, and my lovely daughter.   Anyone who has been stalked by some crazy will understand where I'm coming from.