FULL MOON AT 20 LEO 2/9/20

So how did the full moon hit you all today?  I was curious - my venus and uranus conjunct at exactly 20 Leo in my 9th house.  I estimated it would hit at 4:00 a.m. today.  At 3:33 am, Cox up and yanked my cable, internet and TV service, EVEN THOUGH I HAD PAID THEM!  Of course, by the time I found out about it, the moon was void.  So I knew I'd get nowhere!  I went ahead and called them anyway, and they can't help me until Monday.  Of course not!  Since the moon was also aspecting saturn, I knew this meant there would be a delay, and I most likely will be leaving them.  Which after this stunt, I am.  I found out there's a class action going about JUST THIS KIND OF NONSENSE.  Oh, they agreed to turn me back on, but only if I paid them $400 in fees I don't owe them!  Like that guys?  That's the "pluto" conjunction to saturn - I will be hooking up with another internet provider on Monday!  So how did it affect you?