15 Minute Reading - $25.00



You can Zelle or Venmo to theadultastrologer@protonmail.com and I'll get it.  If you only have cash, you can wire it western union, send Walmart to Walmart, or if you need a reading right away, I can send you to the nearest Wells Fargo to make a deposit.  Once it's credited, I can schedule your session or class.  If you need help in getting an alternative method of payment to me, just shoot me an email.

Payment/Refund Policy

Once I have started work on your reading, or done your chart, even if you haven't got the report yet, but once I've started "tuning" into you, or run your chart, there is no refund available.  If you are unhappy for any reason, no questions asked, I am happy to give you a credit.  This credit can be used to get a reading from my daughter, who is more psychic than I am in my opinion, or you can get products from me also.  My daughter does tarot readings as she's just pure psychic!   Your credit with me is good for one year from the date of your return.   You can also give your credit to another person if you wish. 

For your information, I do not sell my lists to anyone.  No one gets your information, your personal data, or is in any way given any information you and I talk about.  I am also an ordained minister.  What this means is that not only is everything we talk about confidential, but say you go through a divorce and the other person's attorney wants to hit me with a subpoena - my being a minister means that NO ONE can force me to discuss what you and I discuss.  It's basically the same as confessing to a priest to talk to me.  I do my best to keep your personal information off line also so that no one can hack into my computer to get your information from me. 

I use protonmail for the same reasons - privacy protection for your reading with me.  This works both ways - if I give you a tape of our reading together, that tape can not be published, sold, or exhibited anywhere without my express written consent.  As a psychic and astrologer, I work on very sensitive cases involving murder, abused children, stolen items, and therefore I have had my life threatened before.  This is why I don't like the idea of videos or pictures of me flying around the internet that I don't control.  This is for my security - so please understand.