This is your life. You need to have all of your astrological data in one place, and in "English" for those of you who are still new to astrology, or want something others can reference who aren't. I remember having something like this when I first started out, and I wore that poor report out from years of use! Here's what your "Life Report" will cover:

You will have the typical astrological chart with 12 houses printed out. This copy will be in the report, and you can also take it out and frame a copy of it if you wanted to post it on the wall for even easier reference as to your own astrological data placements.

Then in "English", there will be a report breaking everything down for you. Example: In my chart, my sun is at 9 degrees of Leo. Over to the left, you'll see even more of the breakdown of my planets in "English" as to earth quality, house placement, even whether south or node in placement.   Then you can see my sun is in a "fire" sign, sitting in a cadent house, moving south, and squaring



The story about the birth of Christ is that the three Magi saw the Star over Bethlehem, which was conjunct Regulus, a fixed star symbolizing a King.   This star being over Bethlehem is how they predicted not just Christ's birth, but also where he would be found. 

Do you know what stars were where when you were born?  In my chart for example,  if you look at the map I included here for your review, you can see that Venus and Uranus have a line that goes right down California.   Meaning not only was I born under the Venus-Uranus conjunction energy in Los Angeles, but it also means that people will "love" me generally when meeting me in those cities.  There's more to geographical astrology, or "astrocartography" as it's called, but to know more about how it affects you, then you need to know where what hits.  In your report, we include this map, and the map for the current year you're ordering the report. 

Your report also includes the "progressions" for the year, along with the solar arc, and "midpoints".  Which is a science in astrology of predicting what's happening you for that year which goes way beyond the idea of merely checking transits.  Do you know where your progressed Midheaven is this year?  This tells you what's going on with your Midheaven for the year - such as if you're changing careers, or if there's going to be a sudden rise to fame, or 1000 other things this can symbolize in your chart. 

But to read what's going on with your chart this year, you have to know WHAT is hitting where this year - which is included in "English" in your report.  For example, in my progressed chart for 2020, my progressed Midheaven is squaring my natal Jupiter in the 2nd house.  So I believe I'm having a profitable career change this year.   This year being the year I'm setting up this website, publishing my books, recording my podcasts - so my progressed chart foretells to me this will be a very successful career move for me.   So your Life Report will include your natal data, along with your progressed data for this year you're ordering it (unless you order it for another year), and the transit data, all written out in plain English for your researching purposes.  I also include a booklet on how to look up this information's meaning as well as how to use this information.  The screen shots are from my chart, and included just as snippets to give you an idea how much information will be included in your report.  Please keep in mind the actual report will be much more complex, and pages long.  I'm just including these screen shots to give you an idea of what's going to be included in your report.  



Your report will have acid-free paper so it will last for years.  The cover will be a leather looking type cover in black, with parchment style paper as the default.  You can custom order a different cover and/or paper, but this would cost extra.  So when ordering, let me know if you wish anything other than the default so I can get you a quote and charge you accordingly for the difference.  The price also includes shipping, handling and sales tax for the USA.  If you're outside of the USA, then I need to get you a quote on the shipping costs.  We can make arrangements to send you the report as an ebook for instant delivery also.  So if you need different printing or shipping - then please let us know.


I myself had some pretty violent, even life threatening things happening to me growing up.  Major car accidents, rape, assault, even kidnapping.  There are years of research into violent incidents, and a lot of astrological data to back up the idea you may have certain days when you just are having very dangerous planets where it would not be advisable for you to do things such as long distance travel, surgery, taking that sky diving lesson, etc.   So included in your report for the year - I will scan everything - your natal, to progressed, to transits, including your solar arc, midpoints, even the asteroids and Arabic parts for such things as your "Part of Assassination" and such - and report to you if you have any such danger points of time.  If so, I will explain to you how to protect yourself astrologically also.   I remember the last time I didn't take my own advice and went out in the car on one of my "bad" days - I wound up having a drunken teenager just slammed into me going 70 mph while I was just sitting in the car waiting on my husband to buy some cigarettes.  I should have stayed home that day!


If you're ordering the standard report, and having it shipped within the USA, then it will be send with a "plain, brown envelope" so anyone seeing it in your mailbox won't know what you've ordered.   The price for this standard report is $49.95. 

If you wish anything different, or something like overnight or international shipping - then I need to get you a quote.   You can Paypal  "".  Then email me your birthdate, city of birth, city where you are now, and if you know what time you were born - include that also please.  If you don't know, that's okay.  I can draw up what's called a "Johndro" chart based on your bithdate and city of birth to get a very accurate reading on you.  Let me know if this is a gift so I can put in some gift wrapping. 

The report includes everything explained in "English" so you can reference the meanings yourself.  If however, you'd like a general interpretation included to give you some basic information without you having to do any research on your own - then I can include a general definitions for an additional $15.00.  For example, my Sun in Leo means "Leos are ruled by the Sun in astrology, they are the most passionate. They are also warm and intense when the Sun is in their sign. As natural-born leaders, they are bold and confident, and their charisma is felt by all. They shine bright and emit plenty of energy, just like their ruling planet.  The sun in Leo people don’t do anything halfway. With their fiery personality, they are often seen as trailblazers in whatever they do. Their confidence is unmatched, as is the size of their ego, making it no surprise they are ruled by the Sun. The Sun represents a person’s ego and individuality, and Leos pride themselves on being incredibly independent. They often have the attitude that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself."

Because I can't restock this report, once I've printed it out - there are no refunds.  I will give you a credit however if you're unhappy.